Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by Ry-View! My name is Ryan and this is a movie review blog, hence the title RY-VIEW. This site was created out of my passion for the movies. What I love most about movies are their ability to bring people together. At a time when the world seems at odds, the cinema is typically a place where we meet to have a mutual experience. As a kid growing up in rural Georgia, movies were my escape from the simplicity of a small town existence. Now they’re my escape from bills and adulthood! All jokes aside, I’m excited that you’re here, for this platform, and to have an open, honest, thoughtful, and FRIENDLY discussion about the films we love and why. 🙂

Welcome to Ry-View

*Seeing as how we live in a time filled with so much negativity, my reviews/critiques will highlight what I liked about the movie under discussion. IF I DON’T LIKE IT I WON’T REVIEW IT. – Ry

Ryan Everett lives in Los Angeles with his super cool roommate Bridget.