Spotlight: Wind River

Taylor Sheridan, writer of Sicario and Hell or High Water, takes on double duty of writing and directing his chilling new thriller Wind River. The month is April, but no one told the state of Wyoming. They’re still in the thick of winter, and it’s anything but a wonderland when Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner), a game tracker, finds the body of a local native girl face down in the snow. Mother nature murdered her, but who was she running from in subzero temperatures in the middle of the woods?

The FBI is called in to investigate, sending their seemingly most unprepared agent, Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen). Aware that she’s completely out of her element, Agent Banner asks for Cory’s assistance is navigating through the snow and the red tape involved in a murder on a Native reservation. In the vein of a more serious Coen Brothers film, Wind River‘s current is strong, sending you around some surprising bends and delivering you to the mouth of an unexpectedly intense finish where no one is safe.

I really enjoyed this film. It’s beautifully shot and shines a light on reservation life and the complexities that come with the territory. If you loved Sheridan’s two previous features, this third American Frontier-set thriller should be on your watchlist. Although, I don’t expect Wind River to be a strong box-office performer (so many movies to see, so little time) it’ll be a perfect rental or streamer when that time comes.

*I do not own this image. Courtesy of The Weinstein Company.

**My SPOTLIGHT reviews are meant to shine a light on the films in a more limited release that are worth viewing.


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