Atomic Blonde

I now know what I wanna be when I grow up. CHARLIZE THERON.

Atomic Blonde is an explosion of neon and smoke against a chilly Berlin at the end of the Cold War. Directed by stuntman David Leitch in his first time at the helm in an official capacity (previously uncredited for co-directing John Wick), the film’s fight sequences are outstanding. What’s even more impressive is Theron taking on most of her own stunts proving once again she’s a world-class movie star.

Theron plays Lorraine Broughton, an MI6 agent heading to Berlin to followup on the death of a fellow spy (and her lover). Most importantly, she must also recover a list of double-agents that would be disastrous in the wrong hands. Always a joy to watch, James McCoy is Percival, an MI6 operative stationed in Berlin and Broughton’s only contact. But in this web of espionage, who can she really trust? The film weaves between the electric pulse of Berlin and the harsh lights of an interrogation room where MI6 and CIA bosses (Toby Jones and John Goodman respectively) question Broughton on the outcome of the ultraviolent mission.

Grab some popcorn (or if you’re me Chocolate Covered Almonds) and sit down for an almost two-hour fight to the finish. Atomic Blonde pops off the screen with style and a fun 80’s mix to bop to along the way. And DON’T BE SURPRISED when you leave the theater and find yourself hiding around corners pretending paranoia because your friends have double-crossed you and are trying to infiltrate your top-secret mission!

Oh. No? Just me? Cool.

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